App That Takes Picture When Phone Is Unlocked

The seconds it takes to unlock an iPhone and access the camera can be all it takes to miss the perfect opportunity. Apple has added the ability to access the camera app from the lock screen directly,

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They are best to capture the picture of the person who is trying to unlock your phone. It is a great app which will.

It is quite a new app which helps to take an intruder selfie. It is similar to.

7 things your Android phone can do that the iPhone can’t – (These steps might vary depending on which Android phone you use. For example, Samsung phones have their own skin.) You can.

It’s 2020. Maybe a new year means a new phone for you. If so, read on for reviews of the best smartphones you can buy right.

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profile start to unblur and unlock,

A clash between the authorities and Apple ensued last time when FBI asked the company to unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s.

Google fixes Gboard bug that didn’t let you unlock your phone – People took to support forums since the crashing apparently made the app un-operable. The main problem was with people who used various kinds of security passwords to unlock their phones.


It’s going to hit the fan when the face-mapping tech that powers the iPhone X’s cutesy “Animoji” starts being used for creepier purposes. And Apple just started sharing your face with lots of apps.

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