Chrome New Tab Blank

Google accidentally breaks Chrome with this new update – here’s how to fix it – Thousands of Google Chrome users have been left without service after the company rolled out a new power-saving feature that instead.

into a white screen of death as their Chrome tabs went blank.

leaving a blank page behind. Users could refresh the Chrome tab to access their sites again, but in some cases, this also meant they lost previous work. The Chrome team said they pushed a new Chrome.

Good news, art nerds: now you can experience classic works of art from all over the world every time you open a new tab with Chrome’s latest extension ‘Google Art Project.’ Too much art? No problem,

Whenever you launch the guest mode, Chrome thinks it’s a new user. So you will have to start from a blank slate every time.

exiting the mode or closing all tabs will delete your browsing activity.

Now, you’ll see the following blank tab page. Touch the + button to launch a new Chrome tab. Get going with a new Chrome tab. You’ll see the Chrome start page. Start typing in the search bar and the.

As self-proclaimed curators of the world’s knowledge, Google has access to thousands of humanity’s greatest works. The tech giant is, of course, kind enough to let users in on this collection, even or.

New Chrome extension fills blank browser tabs with art – Folks at the Google Art Project have introduced a new Chrome extension which fills unused browser tabs with artwork. Users can pick from a variety of art, ranging from historic moments (photographs),

You don’t have to be stuck with it though, there are a lot of great Chrome apps and extensions that make each new tab page much more useful. Let’s take a look at a few of them. There’s nothing wrong.

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