Another Word For Virus

Tron 2.0 HD P2 - "User" is another word for "Virus"Epidemiological characteristics of human-infective RNA viruses – Structured search key words were: (virus name and all synonyms listed by ICTV separated by ‘or’) and (transm* or *borne or vector). Information on transmission routes is similarly supported by.

AATF manages the Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA) project, which developed the GM maize (another word for corn) hybrid for Tanzania.

being evaluated for resistance against the Bunchy Top.

Wait, so Netflix’s “Santa Clarita Diet” is a comedy about zombies.

Halfway through the season, Sheila’s body starts to “deteriorate,” which is another word for rot. Zombies, being dead, generally.

Dr. McIntyre told Motherboard that EID2 trawls data using scientific names and alternative names or synonyms for pathogens and hosts.

the social media unique and unexpected utility for virus.

I thought that measles was simply another word for chicken pox. I then compared my mouth to.

he then assured me once and then reassured me again that the measles virus doesn’t exist in this country.

Most people who get hepatitis C have the virus for the rest of their lives and end up with some liver damage. Some people don’t feel sick from the liver damage for a long time, and some get cirrhosis.

This virus has the potential to develop into the first influenza.

state or province), per year (although isolate name synonyms, for example, duck = dk, hongkong = hk were not accounted for). Two.

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The opening night of Campaign 2020 kind of laid an egg – The synonyms for “debate,” after all.

When, in answering a question about gun violence, she declared: “We need to treat them like a virus that is killing our children!” she generated real passion;.

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