Make Google Homepage Firefox

From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, Firefox’s default home page — essentially a search field for Google — will change from its usual white.

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Q: The community is at work on Firefox 2.0. Given the success of the first Firefox, is there pressure to make big.

deal with Google — I don’t work for Mozilla right now — and that deal is that if.

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As scary as a change to the iconic Google homepage might seem, does anyone use it anymore? With search functionality built right.

How To Make Google Your HomePage On FirefoxBest Facebook extensions for Firefox and Chrome – The apps are so popular that browsers like Chrome and Firefox have developed a bunch of extensions.

from your web browser itself without having to open the Facebook homepage and make your Facebook.

Just press Ctrl+L on your keyboard, and Firefox will focus (and select) the address bar, so you can just start typing. Ctrl+K will select the search bar, if you use that instead. Load Tabs when.

The survival of her company, which pledges to make the web a better place.

every year to secure a piece of prime real-estate on Firefox’s default homepage encouraging users to perform a Google.

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Mozilla plans to push 12 million users of the aged Firefox 3.5 to a newer version next month by taking the unprecedented step of automatically upgrading their browser. Firefox 3.5, which debuted in.

You will now see the Change background link on Google homepage in Firefox. Click on it and provide the URL of the image you would like to use. You can use the script we have used on Firefox for Opera.

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