Apple Payment Email Scam

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NEW YORK (CBS) As millions of people start to search for Black Friday bargains online, a number of scams are targeting their shopping.

They suggest using secure payment systems like Apple Pay,

Fraud Watch Network: How to evade tech support scams – A message from a company like Microsoft or Apple probably seems.

or accounts if necessary. Pay attention to the source and wording in the messages you receive. If you’re suspicious of a scam, check.

The victim freaks out, assuming that someone has managed to gain access to their account and is using it to pay for Netflix, and clicks the "refund" or "manage subscriptions" link in the email. This.

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Con artists often get away with scams like these because digital payment services such as Venmo and Apple Cash don’t protect.

Cyber Security Today – Income tax, data breach refund and phone scams revealed – asking them to pay taxes on prepaid credit cards or by Bitcoin. There were also email demands. Remember, the CRA will not ask.

Other Apple users have taken to Twitter to warn others of similar email scams. The Good Housekeeping Institute says.

ve entered personal information like your login credentials or payment details,

Here’s how this elaborate scam works. The scammers are now sending out phishing emails that are disguised as Apple App Store payment confirmations for apps you did not purchase. The idea behind this.

Krebs believes scammers are aiming to obtain personal and financial details from Apple users to get payment, perhaps for tech support.

on how to avoid fake support calls, phishing emails, and other.

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