Pinterest Not Working On Firefox

Up until now, if you pinned anything on a Pinterest board it would be visible to everyone. Your favorite fall fashion trends, the furniture you wished you could afford, or the cupcakes you planned on.

For Firefox users, Mozilla is on the case and is working on a feature for an upcoming version of.

it will replace the default “Not Now” option that shows with notification permission requests with.

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If you used Mozilla’s Firefox browser last week, you may have noticed that add-ons stopped working all at once.

now using the incident as a learning lesson on what it can do to not break the.

Maybe you’re not even aware that there’s a choice.

is made by the world’s second-most valuable company – Apple. In third place is Firefox. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Mitchell Baker, chair of the.

On Monday, July 22, Pinterest shared a collection of emotional health exercises and resources that will pop up in the app when a search term suggests the user may be stressed. Searching for terms such.

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Last April, Pinterest began testing a search feature that allows users to filter results by skin tone. The idea being that those looking for beauty tips will be able to find relevant makeup and hair.

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