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So what would those potential babies look like? We used to combine Amy’s picture with these handsome gentlemen and found that — dang! — would they make some super cute kiddos!

I’m not a scientist, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work that way. It’s like on that website,, where you upload your picture and pick a celebrity daddy (or mommy). A program takes.

I simply couldn’t not google “what will a baby look like” and upload photos of Levine and Prinsloo to the extraordinarily accurate Here she is.

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BABY VOLDEMORT!? I'M DONE!! || 3 Random Crazy WebsitesThis is what Kate and Wills’ new baby could look like.

so are YOU ready to meet the new royal? – the technique is not that sophisticated but it is a bit of fun. Our mock-ups, produced using, predict that the royal baby will have a lot of rich brown hair and a wide set jaw.

Thanks to website, we have magicked up what each of.

The name of Marcel and Gabby’s daughter wasn’t revealed on Love Island.

does that make them bad parents?

So, we used the baby photo generating website, “,” to find out. Check out the vid to see the "first glimpse" of the beautiful baby! More Celebrity Features on Yahoo!.

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The 23-year-old is expecting her first child following a whirlwind romance with Jez And now we can reveal what Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell’s baby will look like – thanks to the.

If that is so, the official website of Make Me Babies might be an interesting option for you to consider. offers a free baby morpher online, you can use to predict your baby face.

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