Classic Shell Start Button

After installation, the Settings window opens for Open Shell. At this screen, choose your preferred layout for the Start menu.

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How to setup classic shell start menu on Windows 10$5 buys a Start button, Start screen bypass for Windows 8 – The free, open-source Classic Shell, for instance, also restores a Start button to Windows 8 and lets users boot straight to the desktop. A free 30-day trial of the Start8 beta can be downloaded.

Classic Shell offers three styles of Start menu.

If you would prefer to add to rather than replace the new Start button, Pokki creates an alternative way to start programs.

One design to bring them all.

Windows 8 users need not do without a Start button, thanks to an open source application titled Classic Shell that can banish the Interface Formerly Known As Metro.

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Windows 8 drew criticism from a lot of PC users for Microsoft’s decision in removing the Start button. With no option to bring it back, users are forced to bring up the new Start screen by.

Review: Classic Shell brings the Start menu to Windows 8 for free – But you don’t need to pay to get a Start button: There’s one tool that’s free, open-source, and very customizable. Meet Classic Shell. This is my Classic Shell Start menu, but yours may end up.

Windows only: Start menu replacement utility Classic Shell adds back some of the missing.

a plugin for Windows Explorer that adds a toolbar with buttons for Up, Delete, and Copy/Paste, changes.

In addition to the Up button, you have the Cut.

In addition to the Classic Start menu and Classic Explorer Bar, the Classic Shell program brings back a few other classic features.

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